• Music

    The Phantom of the Opera to be staged at Sichuan Grand Theater

    Hero in Gaston Leroux’s novel, the Phantom re ...

    Christmas Concert by The Ragazze Quartet

    The quartet received the "Editor’s Choice" Aw ...

    2020 New Year’s Concert by Chengdu Orchestra

    The Chengdu Orchestra will stage a concert to ...

    Danish Pianist Elisabeth Nielsen's Recital

    Danish pianist Elisabeth Nielsen will give a ...

    Original Broadway Musical Chicago Comes to Chengdu

    The longest-running musical revival and the l ...

    Notre Dame De Paris Presented by British TNT Theatre to be Staged in Chengdu

    French musical Notre Dame De Paris, adapted f ...

    Jazz Concert by Sumrrá from Spain

    Spanish jazz band Sumrrá will give a free jazz concert in Chengdu on Nov. 23.


    Israeli Pianist Elena Gurevich Recital

    Israeli pianist Elena Gurevich will bring a unique recital to music fans in Chengdu on Nov. 16.


    Italian Pianist Roberto Cacciapaglia’s Recital

    Italian composer and pianist Roberto Cacciapaglia will give a recital in Chengdu on Aug. 10, which is part of his ongoing world tour.


    Chamber Concert: The Voice of Spring II

    A chamber concert titled The Voice of Spring II will be staged.


    Global Music Tour - Musical Performance by Mariangela Vacatello

    Have you ever dreamed of taking a music tour around the world? Here is an opportunity which will make your dream come true.


    Mike Shinoda: Post Traumatic Tour Chengdu

    Mike Shinoda, the vocalist of American rock band Linkin Park, will stage his "Post Traumatic Tour" in Chengdu on Aug. 16.


    Global Music Tour - Steve Barakatt

    Canadian pianist Steve Barakatt will give a concert on Aug. 10.


    2018 Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival

    The 2018 Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival is coming soon.

    2018-07-25 to 2018-07-31

    Judith Jáuregui Piano Recital

    The Global Music Tour highlighting musicians from different countries and regions throughout the globe will go on this week. Spanish pianist Judith Jáuregui will give a concert on July 13.


    Concert by Trio Carducci

    A concert by Trio Carducci is to be held in Chengdu on June 23.


    Zebra Music Festival 2018 Chengdu Stop

    The Zebra Music Festival 2018 will be staged at Chengdu’s International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park on June 23 and 24.

    2018-06-23 to 2018-06-24

    2018 Spring Wave Music and Art Festival

    The 2018 Spring Wave Music and Art Festival will kick off at 13:50 on June 16 at Weiran Flower Sea in Chengdu.


    Robin Giesbrecht Piano Recital

    Pianist Robin Giesbrecht will give a concert on June 9.


    Strawberry Music Festival 2018 in Chengdu

    Strawberry Music Festival 2018 in Chengdu

    2018-05-19 to 2018-05-20

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