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    Apricot Picking Tour

    It is time to harvest the ripe apricots in Fu ...

    Summer Tour to Xiling Snow Mountain

    Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot is now provi ...

    Loquat Picking Tour in Suburban Chengdu

    It is harvest time for loquats in suburban Ch ...

    Appreciating Hydrangeas

    The hydrangeas at the Jinmen Scenic Spot in C ...

    Rose-viewing Tour

    The Huaxiang Meigui Scenic Spot in west Cheng ...

    Have a Nice May Day Holiday in Chengdu

    The May Day holiday is coming. How will you s ...

    Cherry Picking Tours on Chengdu's Outskirts

    It is the right time to harvest fresh cherries on the outskirts of Chengdu.

    2020-04-15 to 2020-05-31

    Mulberry Picking Tour

    The magenta mulberries are in harvest time.

    2020-04-15 to 2020-05-15

    Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall Reopens

    The Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall was reopened on Mar. 24.


    Chengdu Museum Reopens

    The Chengdu Museum was reopened on Mar. 17.


    Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum Reopens

    The Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum reopens.


    Sichuan Museum Reopens

    The Sichuan Museum was reopened on Mar. 18.


    Du Fu's Thatched Cottage Museum Reopens

    The Du Fu's Thatched Cottage Museum resumed regular opening hours on Mar. 12.


    Wuhou Shrine Museum Reopens

    The space for the cultural relics of the Chengdu Wuhou Shrine Museum was reopened on Mar. 12.


    Appreciating Peach Blossoms at Longquanyi

    The peach trees in east Chengdu’s Longquanyi District are now blooming.

    2020-03-07 to 2020-03-29

    Appreciate Spring Flowers Wearing Masks

    Currently, with the orderly reopening of the scenic spots in Chengdu, local residents have a chance to go out into nature and appreciate the beauty of spring.


    Some Scenic Spots, Attractions in Chengdu Reopened

    Some scenic spots and tourist attractions in Chengdu have reopened to the public.


    Business Hours of Department Stores, Shopping Malls in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone

    Many stores in the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone have resumed business to ensure local market supply.


    Wear Your Mask and Date with Spring in Parks

    Everything is full of vigor and vitality.


    Business Hours of Some Department Stores, Shopping Malls in Chengdu

    In recent days, some shopping malls and supermarkets in Chengdu adjusted their business hours again.


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