• Appreciating Hydrangeas
    2020.04.18 - 2020.07.12
    Jinmen Scenic Spot
    The hydrangeas at the Jinmen Scenic Spot in Chengdu's Xindu District are blooming. It is worth making a tour to the 2020 Hydrangea Show & South Silk Road Culture Season which is underway at the spot.
    The Jinmen Scenic Spot, a national 4A level scenic spot, is lined with archaized structures and buildings with typical Chengdu styles in the past 100 years.
    For your health, please wear a mask and keep an appropriate distance with others in the spot.
    How to get there
    By self-drive
    Downtown Chengdu—Chengdu Belt Highway—Exit Sanhechang—Jinmen
    By metro/bus
    Metro Line 3 — Exit A, Sanhechang Station—Jinmen (a 600-meter walk)
    Bus No. 650, 653, 658, 660, X05 & X06 —Sanhechang/Jinmen Stop — Jinmen (a 500-meter walk)
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