• Summer Tour to Xiling Snow Mountain
    2020.05.08 - 2020.05.31
    Xiling Snow Moutain Scenic Spot
    Xiling Snow Mountain boasts fascinating natural beauty — gorgeous sea of clouds, breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset ... In summer, though there is no snow, Xiling is still a good place for mountain sports, including grass skiing, horse riding, archery and rock climbing.
    The scenic spot is now providing special offers for visitors. Why not spend your weekends there in the hot summer?
    Special Offers
    Package for two people: free entrance and cable car ride for one person. It can not be used together with other special offers.
    Package for mountain sports: 90RMB/Person
    The package can be used for grass skiing (four-wheeled car), ziptreck, All Terrain Vehicle, rock climbing, archery and grass slideway.
    (The duration of the special offers is subject to the official announcement of the scenic spot.)
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