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    Websites for Foreigners to Hunt Jobs in Chengdu

    More and more foreigners are trying to land a job in ...
    2018-11-13 | read more

    Global Recruitment of I’M IN CHINA

    Want to come to China and try a job that you never t ...
    2018-07-05 | read more

    Find Opportunities at Chengdu Job Fair

    After receiving the approval from the?State Administ ...
    2018-05-16 | read more

    Chengdu Job Fair on May 19

    Five reasons to be part of the Chengdu Job Fair ...
    2018-05-08 | read more

    2018 Chengdu Job Fair For Foreigners

    Registration begins! ...
    2018-03-28 | read more

    【Recruitment】 Career?China,?TAL

    Job opportunities ...
    2017-05-16 | read more

    Job Fair for Foreigners in Chengdu

    Find your opportunities in Chengdu. Come and have a ...
    2017-04-16 | read more

    Foreigner’s Work Permit in China

    Employment Permit for Foreigners and the Foreign Exp ...
    2016-12-21 | read more
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