• Various Int’l Sports Events Showcase Fast Developement of Sports Industry in Chengdu

    Authors: Go Chengdu


    Have a look at the fast development of sports industry in the city.
    With unremitting efforts to become a world-famous city of sports events, Chengdu hosted quite a few grand international sports events in November, including the 2020 Chinese League, the World Famous Sports Event City Development Conference & Chengdu Industry Convention, and 2020 Chengdu Marathon.
    Here are some wonderful moments of the impressive sports competitions held here in the city in November.
    成都 马拉松成都 马拉松
    2020 Chengdu Marathon
    World Famous Sports Event City Development Conference & Chengdu Industry Convention
    According to a recent analysis report on the cities' overseas influence in China released by Cankao tink tank, Chengdu ranks 5th among all its counterparts in comprehensive competitiveness.
    chengdu sports
    The rankings has taken various aspects of the surveyed cities into consideration, such as international exchange, media coverage , and international sports event index, based on big data, public surveys, and qualitative & quantitative analysis. It is worth noting that Chengdu came the second in the field of international sports event index.
    Big data on runners in Chengdu, co-launched by the Chengdu Sports Bureau and the Chinese sports App Runtopia, show that a running culture with mass participation is emerging here in Chengdu.
    chengdu sports development
    Obviously, sports fans in Chengdu likes running very much, accounting for 65% of the total. And women make up about half of the gross number (42.5%), showing the high female presence in the sports scene in the city. Overall, the percentage of the post-90s and post-2000s is 35.4.8%, reflecting a growing local army of young runners. In terms of the time of running, people in Chengdu seem to prefer jogging at night, mostly between 18:00 and 22:00 (37.3%), while those running between 04:00 and 06:00 account for 28.5%.
    From the heat map shown on the App, Qinglong Lake Wetland Park, Jincheng Lake Wetland Park and the running track at the Chengdu University of Information Technology Donghu are the most popular places for people to run in Chengdu. In addition to the picturesque greenways and parks, nearby school playgrounds and ring roads in the city center are also favored by runners.
    Qinglong Lake Wetland Park
    Qinglong Lake Wetland ParkQinglong Lake Wetland Park
    Jincheng Lake Wetland Park
    In 2019, the total value of Chengdu's sports industry reached RMB 73.26 billion, ranking fifth in China, and it's expected to exceed RMB 80 billion in 2020.

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