• Chengdu Celebrates One-year Countdown to 31st FISU WUG Summer

    Authors: Go Chengdu


    One-year countdown: Chengdu's preparatory work is now in full swing. A series of key events moving forward as 365-day countdown arrived.
    On the evening of August 18, 2020, a ceremony marking the one-year countdown to the Chengdu 2021 World University Games Summer (WUG) and the opening of the 14th Sports Games of Chengdu City was held in city.
    As the preparatory work for the Games is now in full swing. Chengdu is expecting to meet global participants in 2021.
    A promotional video "Sports Improve City", namely the efforts that the city are using sports to accelerate sustainable development, was officially released on site. The video presented the development process and milestones of sports history of Chengdu in various aspects.
    Meanwhile, the AI satellite "Dayun" was officially unveiled, which is the first AI satellite named after a sports event. The AI satellite constellation has provided a unique perspective to present the great changes of Chengdu during the preparations for the Games.
    Three celebrities, Liao Changyong, the cultural exchange ambassador of the Games, Xu Weizhou, the mascot spokesman, and singer Zhang Bichen together gave a performance of the theme song "Come By Dreams". There were also live shows by the image ambassadors Jiang Tingting, Jiang Wenwen, Feng Zhe, as well as other representatives of Olympic champions and athletes. Their performance have conveyed the expectation and confidence for the Games.
    Chen Weiya and Jia Ding, respectively the general directors of the opening ceremony and closing ceremony, together with representatives of athletes and university students, announced the global release of the key visual design of the Chengdu 2021 FISU WUG Summer.
    During the ceremony held that night, the organizing committee of the Game formally conveyed invitations to the world to attend next years' Games, with a slogan of "Chengdu Makes Dream Come True "on each invitation.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Chengdu in 2021!
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