• Implementation Plan for Ten Projects for Good Life Released

    Authors: Go Chengdu


    Chengdu launched the "Ten Major Projects" to enhance the well-beings of citizen.
    On February 18, the first working day after the Spring Festival, a mobilization meeting for the implementation of the Ten Major Projects on happiness and the good life, involving people's livelihood, development, construction, governance, and other aspects, was held in Chengdu.
    Stressing the creation of high-quality scenes applied to people's daily life, the plan aims to set a new stage for young talent to realize, offer new opportunities for emerging industries, as well as expand the ways to enjoy better life in the city.
    It's expected to stimulate the creativity of young people and enhance the attractiveness of Chengdu, which will result to embody the popular slogon "to live as the Chengdu people do".

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    Foreigners in China Have 2-month Visa Extension amid Epidemic Control

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