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    Major Info
    1. Click the picture of your favorite panda and learn more about it;
    2. Click the button on the lower right and feed the panda, and the feed will count as a vote for the panda;
    3. A “Star Panda” will be chosen each season of the year based on the statistics of the votes.
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    Files of the Pandas

    You can find the data about the pandas, the details and individual personality and characteristics of each of the pandas.



    A plump female with a round face and a snub nose, the mother to the online celebrity panda cub called Menglan. She is widely loved by fans for her look.

    Little Girl

    Little Girl188votes

    The most popular beauty at the panda base. She loves sports and climbing, and is known for her habit of sticking out the tongue.



    He gets the name “Siyi the Lamb” for the habit of making sounds like a lamb. He likes apples and steamed buns, and licking his paws after eating.



    Sportive and naughty, he has a wider face and often comes into blows with another panda called Miaomiao.



    Outstanding for her round face, high cheek bones and longer nose, and especially her well-defined black shape around the eyes. She is noted for her maternal love towards her cubs.


    Where to See pandas

    Chengdu is the only metropolitan city in the world l ...
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