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    A bear or a raccoon? The taxonomic classification of the giant panda has been and still is a point of debate, as scientists use different methods and classifications.

    1. Every panda is inherently myopia, poor eyesight.
    2. The panda's palm has six fingers.
    3. Pandas need spend nearly half of the time to eat every day.
    4. Panda teeth naturally replaced only once.


           Bear or panda?Scientists about the classification of the giant panda has long debate endlessly, argument the reason is that according to different.Some experts on the basis of the giant panda pseudo thumb structure, argues that pandas belong to the raccoon family;Some experts on the basis of the giant panda and physiological characteristics of natural history, think the pandas should be independent as the subject, the giant panda.Many experts now believe that many characteristics similar to bear, giant panda belongs to hkust panda bear.The giant panda is eating meat in a long time ago.Although through evolution, now of the giant panda 99% of food is bamboo, but their teeth and the characteristics of the digestive tract also keep predators, so from the point of view of anatomy, we still put them into a carnivore.

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