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    Each fan has his/her own stories about the pandas

    Contribution Invitation

    If you are a panda fan, join in the PANDA CLUB and share your stories with the pandas, and we appreciate it if your article(s) is:

    1. no more than 1, 500 words (Chines or English);

    2. with an attachment of 2-3 photos;

    Tell us your name and contact in the article and send it to email: enquiry@gochengdu.cn

    New Stories

    Here in Chengdu I am 6,433 miles and one giant ocean from home, but seeing the pandas is worth the long distance trip. My husband and I decided to visit the pandas. Our friends told us that the pandas are more active in early morning, so we come early.

    Lovable cub Pandora recalled 78 years later

    Seventeen aged Canadians came back to Chengdu—their ...
    2016-11-09 | read more

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