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    Giant pandas have lived on the earth for at least 8 million years. What other foods do pandas eat besides bamboo? The newborn panda has an average weight of only around 120 grams. What happens to a panda in the process as it grows from a tiny pink cub to a black-and-white chubby adult? What environments are more suitable for pandas? We have so many questions about the lovely animal…

    Scientists Decode Giant Panda Language

    Can you imagine giant pandas baa like sheep to say “ ...
    2018-10-26 | read more

    A Giant Panda’s Diet: Panda Cakes

    Bamboo is not the only food in the eyes of the giant ...
    2017-02-20 | read more

    A Giant Panda’s Diet: Bamboo and meat

    In addition to bamboo, the giant pandas also love me ...
    2017-02-16 | read more

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