• Video: Giant panda cub born in Taipei

    Authors: Xinhua News


    Cute alert! A teeny-tiny, pink giant panda cub was born in Taipei Zoo after years of attempts to artificially inseminate her momma bear!
    Let's send lots of love to this adorable creature.

    Giant Panda Makes Dramatic Escape from Enclosure at Copenhagen Zoo: Report

    One of Copenhagen Zoo's giant pandas escaped from its enclosure and roamed the park before staff were able to bring it back.

    Jun 12, 2020

    4 Pandas Make Public Show

    Four giant pandas officially met the public at the Jiuzhaigou Panda Park on Jun.16.

    Jun 17, 2020

    Giant Panda Xiang Xiang Turns 3 in Japan

    Giant panda Xiang Xiang, who was born at Ueno Zoological Gardens in Tokyo, celebrated her three-year-old birthday — her last birthday ceremony in Japan — on June 19. She is expected to be returned to China later this year.

    Jun 25, 2020

    Second Taipei-born panda cub is female

    The second cub of giant panda Yuan Yuan, born Sunday afternoon at the Taipei Zoo, is female and weighs about 186 grams, the zoo said Monday.

    Jun 30, 2020

    New Scene of Year-round Ice & Snow Sports Created in City

    Wondering where to ski in summer? Check out the 1st Chengdu Summer Panda Ice and Snow Festival held in Chengdu with indoor skiing activities.

    Jul 01, 2020

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