• 22nd Session of the UNWTO General Assembly

    Forecast: Travelogue Livestream, Say Hi to Cute Pandas!

    Follow the hosts to step into the Chengdu Research B ...
    2017-09-22 | read more

    Forecast: Travelogue Livestream, A Time-travel to City’s Glorious Past

    Follow the hosts to step into the world of the ancie ...
    2017-09-20 | read more

    Sichuan-style Suit Catches Eyes

    Chengdu mayor Luo Qiang 's dress drew a lot of atten ...
    2017-09-15 | read more

    Video: Panda Welcomes UNWTOGA

    Chengdu, the city of the giant pandas, is ready for ...
    2017-09-11 | read more

    GoChengdu's Bilingual "Sichuan Travelogue" Livestream Garners Nearly One Million Views

    Viewers of the livestream say they are very much imp ...
    2017-09-07 | read more

    Wanted: Bilingual Hosts for "This is Chengdu" Live Show

    GoChengdu.cn is recruiting bilingual live show hosts ...
    2017-09-02 | read more

    Follow Po’s steps in Qingcheng Mountain

    We miss Po a little bit because...it has been so lon ...
    2017-08-31 | read more

    Ideal Place for Vacationers

    Chengdu is widely acclaimed as one of the best touri ...
    2017-09-14 | read more
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