• Hot Tourist Attractions in Chengdu During the Spring Festival

    Authors: Go Chengdu


    Do you want to know where are the Chengdu citizens' most popular tourist attractions during holidays?
    During the 7-day holiday of the Spring Festival in 2021, Sichuan Province received a total of over 4.3 million tourists and the income from the tourism industry hit RMB28.553 billion.
    The top 5 popular tourist sites are: Jiezi Ancient Town, Sansheng Flower Village, Luodai Ancient Town, Langzhong Ancient City, Qionghai Lu Mountain scenic area, of which 3 places are located in Chengdu.
    You will never want to miss these three must-go attractions in Chengdu.

    Attraction 1:Jiezi Ancient Town

    The ancient town is located in Chongzhou City in western Chengdu, not far from the famous Mt. Qingcheng Mountains.
    The town has a history of over 1,000 years and boasts 32 temples and a number of historical sites.
    It features an ancient temple about 1,500 years old, primitive forests, old gingko trees and Nan trees, an ancient stone pagoda and a well preserved street.
    The town is a good combination of natural scenery and artificial designs.
    Address:#1 Huifeng Road, Chongzhou City

    Attraction 2: Sansheng Flower Village

    Sansheng Flower Village is an ecological and leisure resort in the suburbs of Chengdu city with the theme of sightseeing, leisure, agriculture and rural tourism.
    The whole village consists of five areas each featuring different sceneries in different seasons.
    Address: southeastern suburb of Chengdu, Jinjiang District

    Attraction 3:Luodai Ancient Town

    Luodai Ancient Town scenic spot, with obviously advantageous location, is within Longquanyi District of Chengdu City, the host place of "China International Peach Blossom Festival". It is 18km west from Chengdu downtown, and it is suitable for travel all the year round.
    As more than 85% of the population of the town is Hakkas, the town is the typical representative of Hakka community in Sichuan Province.
    Hakka Culture Scenic Spot in the old street, Jinlonghu Scenic Spot and Baoshengcun Hakka Original Ecological Village bring out the best in each other and shine together to present a cultural ecotourism pattern of "walk into history & return to nature ".
    Address: #132 Fuxing Street of Luodai Township, Longquanyi District

    Photos credit to: 清风9/el.sonsacador/zangtai_taizo/sichuantravelguide/toshio017

    Major tourist attractions

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