• What to Do at Night in Chengdu

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    A city of leisure life, cuisines, fashions and traditions, Chengdu offers a myriad of choices for a wonderful night life.
    As night falls, the city of Chengdu lights up and puts on glamour displays. So what would you do in Chengdu at night as a tourist? A beer at a nightclub, a taste of Chengdu’s authentic hotpot, or a look at Sichuan Opera performancesgo at the teahouse?
    Now follow me to explore the city for an exciting night life in Chengdu.

    (An aerial veiw of Chengdu at night)
    1) Authentic Hot Pot
    There are countless Hot Pot restaurants in Chengdu and having a taste of Chengdu Hot Pot is almost a must to the visitors. “If you didn’t try Hot Pot, you haven’t been to Chengdu,” as the saying goes. To local residents, eating at a Hot Pot restaurant is not only a palatable experience but also a social gathering, part of local culture. A dinner over a pot of boiling spicy soup certainly makes life more lively and delightful.
    2) Sightseeing

    (Jinli Street)
    The city looks even more alluring when illuminated by colorful lights and here we recommend several places for a night tour: Chunxi Road (shopping and strolling), Qintai Road (ancient architectures), Hejiang Pavilion (the glittering water of the Jinjiang River), Sichuan TV Tower (highest sightseeing point for a bird’s view of the city), Wide and Narrow Alleys and Jinli Street (traditional structures, leisurely life and local snacks).
    Most recommended night attractions in Chengdu
    3) Bars and Night Clubs

    Chengdu has several famous communities of bars and night clubs, most notably the Jiuyanqiao Bridge Bar Street, Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu and Shaoling Road. Other popular bars include the Beer Nest, the Underground Bar and the Little Bar.
    Every year from May to October, various beer festivals are held in places around the city, attracting people from near and far.

    Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu has several upscale bars and clubs and huge dance-halls, making itself a hot spot for young people of the city.
    Jiuyanqiao Bridge Bar Street is a mecca for night club goers. The street is by the Jinjiang River and within a stone’s throw from Sichuan University and Xinnanmen Bus Station.
    Favourite bars
    4) Teahouses for Sichuan Opera Performances

    You can’t miss a visit to a teahouse in Chengdu, since the teahouse scene is said to be the key to the understanding of local culture and local people’s life. And a glimpse of the famous Sichuan Opera when you sip tea! Better to ask for local teas as well, such as Zhuyeqing and Maofeng. Popular teahouses for tourists to enjoy tea and Sichuan Opera are Shunxing Old Teahouse and Shufeng Yayun Teahouse.
    5) A Free Stroll on the Street
    Have a stroll and it’s safe to walk around downtown Chengdu at night. You’ll find a different look of the city, illuminated by lights, and don’t worry when you’re hungry ― a plenty of restaurants and eateries are not closed until deep into the night.

    Popular Beer Bars in Chengdu Ⅱ

    Places recommended for drinking beer at night in Chengdu.

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