• Shopping

    Shopping with Subway Accessibility

    The subway network provides a cool and convenient op ...
    2016-07-31 | read more
    Vibrant Shopping Centers

    Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu Sees Bustling Sights Again

    The most popular business district in the city now s ...
    2020-03-11 | Read More

    Chunxi Road (Chunxi Lu) —The Most Popular CBD

    Chunxi Road is the most popular CBD in Chengdu and t ...
    2016-07-31 | Read More

    IKEA Chengdu Stores

    The Chengdu Stores stand as good examples of IKEA’s ...
    2016-03-18 | Read More

    Chengdu International Finance Square(IFS)

    Built by The Wharf Holdings Ltd., the IFS Chengdu Ma ...
    2015-06-16 | Read More
    Buy Local Goods

    15 Things You Should Buy before You Leave Chengdu

    Here is a list of the recommended items you’d bring ...
    2019-02-20 | Read More

    Must-buy Specialties in Chengdu

    We recommend 5 specialties in Chengdu for you can be ...
    2017-06-14 | Read More

    Tea & Liquor in Sichuan

    There are many famous liquor brands in Sichuan, incl ...
    2017-05-03 | Read More

    Sichuan Food Seasonings

    Don’t forget such important flavorings for Sichuan c ...
    2016-05-09 | Read More
    Curio Art City

    Harbor of Chinese Antique Furniture

    Here we recommend you a great place to buy economica ...
    2016-08-12 | Read More

    Songxianqiao Curio Art City

    Songxianqiao Curio Art City (Antique Market) is the ...
    2014-10-19 | Read More
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